About Dalili design

Design & Sustainability

Dalili design seeks to create beautifully designed products, that are functional and last for generations. Focusing on style, sustainability and quality, our products are industrially made, heightened by the craftsmanship of the final details. We call this industrial craftsmanship. This way we combine the best of both worlds, and support our local industry and skilled craftswomen and men. We are a Swedish brand on the global market with high regard for all life, human, animal and nature alike. We strive to grow our business with the same integrity and honesty we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great taste for all to enjoy.

All our products are made in Sweden

Read Caroline's personal blog post about the decision to be an ethical and sustainable brand.


We also offer interior design services and styling. These projects range from smaller decorating jobs to staging and styling to total remodelings. For more information regarding our interior design services please contact us at info@dalilidesign.com


Caroline Ø Dalili

A native Swede born to a mother from rural Norway and a father from the Iranian metropolis of Tehran. Caroline grew up in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Tegucigalpa, spending every summer on the Norwegian countryside of the Sognefjord. She had an early interest for art and design, and in 2010 she graduated, an industrial designer, from Gotland University. Caroline went on to complement her degree with a Bachelor of Science from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Yearning for a creative outlet after years of studies she began the long journey to create her own brand. In October 2013 Dalili design opened its doors. With a firm foundation of quality and functionality, Dalili draws inspiration from fashion and art to politics and social commitment. Fulfilling her philosophy Dalili offer a carefully selected range of products all made in Sweden.